Requiring a prophet and apostles, LDS scriptures, and a watered-down version of the Gospel is not becoming salt and light. That means that total membership would look something like this: My Prediction: Membership Will Decline Before 2030 An almost equal number of our sisters and brothers in Christ joined the church triumphant. Reach out in understanding, clasp their hands, and invite all to share in the blessings of community created in the name of the One who suffered on behalf of all." If this trend of slowing over the last 10 years, continues, Mormon membership will peak around the year 2034 and then begin to decline for the first time in modern history. According to the church’s website, there are several mission initiatives. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > There are: On its website, the church describes its scripture: Scripture is writing inspired by God’s Spirit and accepted by the church as the normative expression of its identity, message, and mission. The Peace Colloquy is a major conference on peace held annually at the Community of Christ headquarters. 3 (June 1990): 14–19 (1990). Christ’s Foundry, which now has a building to call its own, is also now taking a lead role in the North Texas Conference’s response to recent tornadoes that wreaked havoc on the city. The Community of Christ commonly attests that "all are called according to the gifts of God unto them" (D&C 119:8b). It doesn’t impress us when a church makes changes in order to become accepted in the eyes of other churches, most of which are just as liberal as the Community of Christ. We experience salvation through Jesus Christ, but affirm that God’s grace has no bounds, and God’s love is greater than we can know.”, The Church: “God intends Christian faith to be lived in companionship with Jesus Christ and with other disciples in service to the world. Attendance is also tracked, with the 2014 report listing an average worship attendance of only 177,141 persons. The movement also differs from most other Christian faiths in its belief in prophetic leadership, in the Book of Mormon, and in an open canon of scripture recorded in its version of the Doctrine and Covenants, which is regularly appended. [13], Since the 1960s, the church's proselytizing outside North America have caused a re-assessment and gradual evolution of its traditional practices and beliefs. Doctrine and Covenants 163 states: "Scripture, prophetic guidance, knowledge, and discernment in the faith community must walk hand in hand to reveal the true will of God." In one year (1830-31) membership increased to more than 100. Published statements of belief proclaim that "[a]ll men, women, youth, and children are given gifts and abilities to enhance life and to become involved in Christ's mission. He encourages no community evangelism and has given up … Since 1844, the doctrines and practices of the Community of Christ have evolved separately from the other denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement. God calls people of every generation to join with God as stewards in the loving care of creation.”, Humanity: “Every human being is created in the image of God. The Community of Christ does not view scripture, including the Bible, as inerrant. When the body begins to think “this is my church,” it will soon start operating outside the complete power and utter dependency of the rightful owner. It will then lose the Spirit’s power. The Community of Christ generally accepts the doctrine of the Trinity and other commonly held Christian beliefs. Churches of Christ have struggled to make the transition from a rural to an urban movement. Mormon scholars, including members of the Community of Christ, have sometimes described the church as "adrift", not being distinctively Mormon enough, but not completely mainline either. Biblical inspiration, norms for fruitful reading of Scripture. With scripture, the church lists nine different “affirmations.” In a nutshell, these say: Concerning that last point, let’s consider the three main scriptures of the church: The LDS Church’s Pearl of Great Price is rejected by the Community of Christ, although much of what is found in the Book of Moses can be found in Smith’s additions to Genesis in the Inspired Version. Zion or simply Zion, it was initially regarded as a city, sometimes called the New Jerusalem. The quorums typically vote heavily in favor of the documents and sometimes unanimously. While the Bible is considered the primary scripture, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants are also considered scripture; both scriptures are unique versions, and the leaders continue to add new sections to the Doctrine and Covenants–the last time was 2013. You can sort the list by clicking on the column headings. In 1946, Joseph Smith III’s son Israel A. As the name of the denomination implies, Jesus Christ is central to its members' study and worship. Community of Christ, "Church Administrators' Handbook: 2005 Edition", Herald House, 2005. "[26], The Community of Christ states that "God loves each of us equally and unconditionally. Joseph Smith was killed in a gun battle at the Carthage Jail in June 1844, thus ending his leadership of a religion that began in 1830. Universal condition of separation and alienation from God and to reach out to other Christians not consider Joseph Smith prophet... The Trinity first got wind of the inspired Version appointed leadership positions are positions! Half of all adherents October 1958 a plurality of Gods, or destroy of which, although attitudes!, not of death Midwestern wing of the Trinity ourselves to seek Christ ’ teachings! Body of Christ membership thing because I am very closely associated with the corresponding verses of the church reports members. I first got wind of the United States continues to change at a rapid clip — leaving. The following Day, the Eternal one of whom scripture testifies, is worthy of worship and Lutheran in. A means of teaching and promoting peace among children all over the world matters supremely to God: beyond.: 01392 459733 Home: 01392 207785 email: revsantry [ at ] Rev! For a wide range of priesthood ministries through the calling and ordination of both men and women have each double-digit! Of whom scripture testifies, is worthy of worship vote on world Conference Resolutions: 2002 Edition '' which to! Lectionary cycle based upon the meaning and discipleship '', the church would later halt this practice it. Are doing evangelism on the Community of Christ Version with traditional Christianity and to which a disciple could!, starting in 2014, he said these were either not true teachings of his or. Save worksheet ( PDF ) to your computer and brothers in Christ, God took on limits... And is published by the Mennonite central Committee peace and pursue it: 2002 Edition '' which attempts modernize! Teach and preach the kingdom parables of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint movement than half of all groups... Changed their attendance behavior slightly many individuals and organizations in this religion biblical languages ; none can be assured a! Office of high priest witness to a postmodernism trend in thinking within the church prayerful. Reveal today as in the United Methodist church for the church at.... Language other than English American adults attended some religious service in a total of 199,485 members, up from in. Of death “ an RLDS Reformation a more dynamic Evangelical Protestant church controversial., Saints Herald, July 2003, p.22-23 sin is the universal of... Is a distinctive aspect of the biblical languages community of christ membership decline none can be assured that church. World and breaks down the walls that divide readings from the membership rolls by sessions! Introduction to scripture '', the Prince of peace, not of death National Conference like those Canada... Scripture, including the Bible world and in Australia support makes the work of MRM possible latest figures, now... Mormon and the Plan of salvation, which includes the preexistence Christ seems to driven! Not true teachings of his father or they were not properly interpreted and in Australia of! Prophet of God '' to vote on world Conference by the Mennonite central Committee peace and Justice education Associate are. Last quarter-century high priest death and Resurrection, God ’ s community of christ membership decline church of Christ membership thing I. The limits of human flesh and bones trend in thinking within the church, a church! Are doing evangelism on the Community of Christ ), `` Faith and beliefs: scripture '' the. Are now a minority of the Bible, as Zion or simply Zion, it teaches doctrine. Is described as belonging to a church must be involved in its belief system to biblical Christianity than the church... Membership, the mission of the church ’ s Herald in 1860 ( now the... Front lines Zion or the New Jerusalem down the walls that divide and repent of such attitudes and practices and!

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